I accept business membership on CanUgrower.com and I hereby authorize CanUgrower, LLC to deduct a one-time set-up fee of $500.00 upon acceptance of membership, and a recurring monthly fee of $250.00 per month, plus 5% of all sales, from the payment medium I provided, until I cancel my membership.  I understand that failure to pay the monthly fee as agreed will result in suspension of my membership until said monthly membership fee Is paid or I voluntarily cancel my membership.  If I decide to cancel my membership, I agree to pay all membership fees for the month of cancellation and understand that my membership will be canceled and no monthly fees will be deducted on the following month.  I also understand that upon cancellation of my membership, all products and services posted will be removed from the site.

           I further agree to hold CanUgrower, LLC harmless, defend and indemnify them in any lawsuit against me or my business regarding my actions or inaction in providing goods and services on this site, or any other actions or inaction, negligence or breach of contract by any person for any reason whatsoever resulting between my business and a customer on this site.  

           I understand that CanUgrower, LLC is multi-vendor website.  After a product or service has been purchased by a customer, CanUgrower, LLC assumes no responsibility for, and makes no guarantees regarding payment for the products or services I sell.  Any legal recourse I may have concerning the products or services I sell shall be sought against the customer that ordered such products or services.  I agree to hold CanUgrower, LLC and CanUgrower.com harmless, defend and indemnify them against any lawsuits involving me or my business arising out of the purchase of any products or services I offer on this site, any other actions or inaction, negligence or breach of contract by any person or entity, for any reason whatsoever.